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I am still trying to get the hang of the blogosphere, but I look forward to the opportunity to write about travel.

The topic of travel insurance has come up again this week.  It is so dull compared to the glamorous part of making travel plans, I know.   I, too, would much rather think about sun-drenched beaches or giraffes in Africa or the sparkle of the sunlight off the ocean from my private balcony on a cruise ship.     Often, travel insurance is not expensive compared to the costs of cancellation fees, airline change fees, medical transportation.    We often think that we are going to take our trip – no matter what – but sometimes, life happens before we can get away or after we have started our trip.   I wasn’t convinced about travel insurance until I had to use it….

I suffered a serious knee injury on a wet teak deck on a Holland America cruise through Scandinavia and Russia, just outside of Stockholm, Sweden.   I was taken to the ship’s infirmary was put into a knee brace and given crutches.     The ship’s doctor told me that I would be able to finish the cruise, but needed to get home to my orthopedic surgeon as soon as possible.   Originally, my mother and I had planned to spend time in Copenhagen at the end of our cruise, but I was badly injured and needed specialist medical care.  We were able to re-schedule our flights and fly home immediately from Copenhagen  – it was the only time that I was happy to have a middle seat in the center section because I didn’t have to move!   But, we were charged significant change and cancellation fees by the airlines and our hotel in Copenhagen.  But, after filing for compensation on my travel insurance, those charges were returned to me by my travel insurance.  The travel insurance only cost $65 for my trip.    It was the best $65 that I’ve ever spent. 

The stories about travel insurance go on and on….  Compared to the significant change and cancellation fees charged by airlines, hotels, tour suppliers and cruise lines,  or the risk of bankruptcy, terrorism, labor disputes, it is worth the cost.  As far as I’m concerned, it is inexpensive peace-of-mind.   Be sure to consider it when planning your next trip.

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